Great conference so far

It's been a long and fun day at the Web 2.0 summit, but it is by no means over yet. The session and interview with Mark Zuckerberg was (not surprisingly) the most interesting yet.

During lunch I also had time to pick up an iPhone for my friend Johan. As with all Apple products, we are taking well care of it ;)


Off to the Web 2.0 Summit

I am off to the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, filled with excitement about the coming few days. I and my colleague Yavor will meet some old friends, find some new, see a lot of new faces, and also quite a few well-known ones. It is always a blast coming to a place where such a great bunch of talent are crammed together for a few days, creating and discussing ideas and business.

I've also been really lousy at writing anything here for a long time. Last week I went to India (Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore) with my wife Maja and helped her out a bit in her work towards the BoP market. It has been a long time since I learnt so much in such a short period of time. Even though I cannot make comments right now about any of the fantastic and remarkable start-ups we met (which I hope to be able to do soon), I'll stay at saying that Hand in Hand is doing a really wonderful and important job. We had the opportunity to visit both their Chennai headquarters as well as a solid waste management mini-plant in the rural areas around Kancheepuram and one out of soon-to-be 1000(!) citizen centers in Tamil Nadu.