SkypeIn - how bad is that?!!

This is possibly the coolest service launched ever - or at least the past few months. Ever since Skype launched SkypeOut, enabling you to call any PSTN number ("regular" phone number) from your Skype client, I started hoping for the other way around - SkypeIn. Now it's here, and it works great! I picked a Southern San Francisco number - so from now on you can call me on +1 (650) 557-2071. Call me on that number from any phone in the world, and you'll end up at my computer and Skype client (wherever it might be).

I wonder how long it will be until our house in Vaxholm won't have a physical phone number attached to it. Or will friends and parents to our son’s friends find it comforting to be able to call our house rather than me or Maja?

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