Nokia is coming back

It all began a few weeks ago, when Nokia launched their 8800. It sent me into my worst we-wants-it-yesss-my-preciousss-attack since the Mac Mini. My problem is that I'm starting to get seriously 3G addicted, and have a hard time to consider buying a "regular" tri-band phone. The looks of the 8800 are really making me think that addiction over, though.

And now today - the new N-series! The N90 with its rotating camera with a Carl Zeiss lens is definitely the coolest-looking new phone I've seen in a long time. Too bad it doesn't come with 3G. The N91 has awsome tech specs (according to Engadget, but not Nokia's own site), boasting a 4-gig hard drive, 3G and WiFi! Why the *%#¤ didn't they put a video conference camera on that one? I'll probably end up with N70 in 3G version... (too bad ;)

It seems like Nokia once again is finding its way back to making phones we want.


Update: I got an anonymous comment from a Finnish IP number that said that the N90 was a 3G phone. Finnish IP... hm... who could that be from? Now Nokia has also updated the sites, revealing that every one of the N-series phones will support 3G.

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Anonymous said...

N90 is 3G phone.