Christmas came early this year

Christmas Came Early

I'm coming out of the closet. I am an amazon.com-o-holic. Even though this is a bit easier to combine with "living in Sweden" since the depreciation of the US dollar, I sometimes place a bit too may orders with Amazon for my own good. It's probably not good for the environment either.

Anyway: Nowadays, you've got to give it to them. I ordered my stuff (too much to fit in one box) this Monday at dinner, CET. I got the packed-and-has-left-the-building-mail at night (22.42 hrs CET or something ;) After leaving their place at Kentucky, it got airborne in OH Tuesday morning, arrived at East Midlands in the UK last night, Arlanda this morning, and to my house in Vaxholm just after 9 am. That is like 33 hours door-to-door from Amazon and my house in the archipelago! Two different boxes!

"Sure", you might say, "that's not a big deal". But it IS. The prices for express shipping has dropped ($53 for 15 items), and the speed has increased significantly. It used to be 2-4 days with standard express from the US (most likely meaning 3-4 days). This time it was less than 1,5 days!

Christmas came early this year, and now I can spend the holidays wrapping up the last season of West Wing, browsing through the new edition of WoW Master guide, and also get started on Carnivale.

Merry Christmas!

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