Marissa Mayer on LeWeb08

It is always interesting to listen to Marissa Mayer. She's employee no. 1 at Google, and still deeply involved in both Google's core search interface as well as new products.

When it comes to the future of Google's products, Marissa explains that there is a lot of interesting stuff in the long-term pipeline.

"We're thinking: 'What if we made it easier to search from your phone? Or from your car? Using voice?' You can imagine a search interface where you can search on concepts rather than keywords, and doing that using your voice."

It could take a while, though: "I think we'll see great advances in these areas over the next 5-10 years." Michael Arrington at Techcrunch followed up and asked if Google isn't having some kind of super-cool, secret, advanced search interface that they are keeping to themselves and from the rest of the world? Marissa dodged that question, alright :)

The most interesting question from the audicene was one about how she had managed to hire so many talented people, and Google had been able to scale so fast. Marissa said that they early on had a discussion in top management together with recruitment consultants, deciding upon the two most important characteristics Google should be looking for in candidates: People who are smart, and who are getting things done.

Photo by Tiziano.

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