This year's Stockholm Marathon

I had the pleasure of finishing this year's Stockholm Marathon the other day. I was really happy about it, since last year's run ended in disaster thanks to my left knee. I've tried to run fewer kilometers this season, and done my best to come out a bit more regularly instead. I gotta admit I was really nervous about the knee all the way, but less kilometers in combination with a kind of "pose method" light seems to have paid off. The knee is still OK a few days after the race...

Up until last year, I didn't think much about either stretching or that it really mattered how you put in your kilometers during pre-season. Now I know better :)

I hope anyone who are thinking about the Marathon signs up for next year in Stockholm. The registration typically closes already early in the fall.

And if you know about a good race, let me know. I've signed up for the NYC Marathon ballot, but I really don't expect to get lucky just yet. But if you participate in the ballot for four years in a row, you seem to be guaranteed a start the fourth year.

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