Businessweek started a blog two weeks ago: Blogspotting. Blogspotting is "where the worlds of business, media and blogs collide", and during the two first weeks they have been blogging about blogging. From their latest entry:
It was almost embarrassing. At the BDI conference on blogging that's going on a couple blocks from here, someone asked if blogs were a big deal outside the U.S. The panelists barely seemed to know. PubSub founder Bob Wyman had to grab the mike and set the record straight.
He said that there were more bloggers in Korea, China and Japan combined than in the rest of the world.

That is truly interesting, considering both the different political environments and current/historical relationship towards each other that those countries have. Perhaps the best and most powerful way to increase long-term stability and security in the area would be to make a serious upgrade to Altavista's Babelfish, so that people from those countries could read each others blogs and discuss. Or am i being naïve? ;)

PS: One of Blogspotting's two contributing authors, high-tech journalist Stephen Baker, has interviewed me a few times regarding the Scandinavian mobile internet industry. It is fun to be able to write about his work for a change ;) The best of luck to you guys!

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