Catching up

I have some serious catching up to do. I just sat myself down and tried to turbo-read all unread (physical) magazines that have been stacking up for the past three weeks. That’s when it hit me: I haven’t watched the latest Star Wars movie yet. This is absurdly insane, and I really, really have to handle it this coming week.

I have been so caught up working with my wonderful wife for the past two weeks that I haven’t had time for much more than work and family time (much less blogging and playing computer games). Also, I really didn’t have time to look at all the extensive E3 coverage, much because I know I won’t have time to play the games. And I even went to E3 last year...

I am writing this from Gothenburg airport, waiting to go home after one of my best friends’ bachelor party. This is the second weekend in a row that I’m off to Gothenburg, and I must admit that I have come to appreciate this city much more in recent years. In many ways, Gothenburg has an air of self-respect that Stockholm lost during the bubble years. But, I have no doubt Stockholm will be catching up, too ;)

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