Better outdoor devices!

Arstechnica is reporting fears of "Internet killing park visits". The article tells us that outdoor activity statistics all over the world is plunging, and that consumption of electronic media is to blame.

I really, really don't think so. Today's immobile situation, with mankind clinging on to their indoor devices that are plugged into the wall, is nothing but a glitch in human history. Instead, with a bit perspective, we will see that it is Internet in combination with super-effective travel (imagine a machine-piloted helicopter that is four times faster than today's choppers, at the cost of a car) that truly will make us even more mobile, spending more time outdoors and in less populated areas.

Of course, as Tim Harford points out in the latest Wired, increased mobility and work/connection possibilities will not mean that all of will move out to the countryside and become IRL eremites. It is more likely that the opposite will happen. But park officers, stay assured that your visitors will come back! It might take a couple of decades, though. In the meantime, let's start by focusing on making a really great outdoorsy mobile device ;)

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