Working in London for a while

Since last Monday I have been working in London with a UK client, and the project seems to go on at least until Easter.

The days are long and demanding into the extreme, but the project is also great fun. My days here in London look pretty similar: up as early as possible, but sadly not early enough for me to have any time to work out. If I have, it's a great bonus. Then a quick walk from Sanderson's to the client on the other side of Tottenham Court Road, picking up a sandwich, juice and coffee on the way. EAT makes great sandwiches. Then work, work work. And in the evening the same procedure in reverse.

My walks back to the hotel (23:00-ish) gives me an interesting feeling for London's nightlife: From Monday night with only a few souls scattered around New Oxford Street, to Thursday night when the party crowd running around makes me having to zig-zag my way through.

This means very little blogging, and very little time to answer any except for the most urgent e-mails. See you again after Easter ;)

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