The longest not-so-long trip ever and an old communist

Yesterday, I tried to get back from London to my family who are skiing up in Sälen. The plan was to leave London at 2-ish, and then be in Sälen by midnight.

This was, of course, rather naïve. SAS and all SAS hub airports has had constant delays during the past few months - all since they changed traffic system to a "better" one.

I didn't even have to bother to leave the office: a quick browse on arlanda.se revealed that the plane was 45 minutes late already when leaving.

The flight I ended up taking from LCY was only 45 minutes late, which meant that I came home to Vaxholm just after midnight, leaving me with 4 1/2 hours before I needed to get up to catch the train to Sälen.

Banverket came up with the clever idea to shut off the train traffic out north from Stockholm during Easter. Clever idea! This and other delays on the train to Borlänge made us miss our connecting train. Two and a half hours waiting until an alternative route could begin. The poor guy who has the small restaurant "Take the train" on Borlänge train staion seemed kind of chocked when hordes of confused people from a 500 seat train came in and tried to buy food, AND to grab any of the 30 seats in the room.

When I boarded the next "train" (rälsbuss), I quickly noticed two things:

1) The train is destined to make an almost impossibly complicated detour, bringing me a few kilometers from my childhood home in Grangärde

2) The famous/infamous left-wing journalist Göran Greider was sitting just in front of me. He got off the train in Dala-Floda. That's when I noticed that he was wearing a pair of rather tight sweat pants. In snowy Dalarna, in March. Charming.

Soon I'll board a bus (they say), which will take me up to Sälens Högfjäll. If this bus is the first on-time leg, then I might even make it before 1800 hrs. That's basically 30 hours after when I first tried to leave...

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Va? Hur kunde tåget åka så nära GG? Var?