The Office

After a friend's recommendation (and astonishment) I decided I had to start watching The Office. I had heard and read about the series, of course, but never gotten around to watch it.

Worth mentioning is also that I haven't watched a single episode of any TV series, or any single movie, for two years. I haven't watched them transmitted over a terrestrial, cable or satellite network, that is. Instead, I have watched several downloaded or disc-based series and movies. This includes basically all Star trek episodes of all Star Trek series ever made (still haven't seen all from TOS), all four seasons of 24, Desperate Housewives, three seasons of Alias... You get the picture.

So, now I finally got around to watching The Office, and it is... brilliant. I haven't ever watched a TV series that really makes me feel truly uncomfortable all the time. I am so ashamed on David Brent's behalf that I sometimes have to pause and take a break while watching.

The series is really focused on people's prestige and communication skills. It takes the most annoying and embarrassing habits people can have (which in my experience usually happen to be most visible during junior high or high school), and refine it to the extreme.

I just watched the first episode from season 2, and it was positively positively horrible. It took me over an hour to watch the 30-minute episode, during which David Brent manages to make the perhaps worst introduction speech ever (while drunk), and then try to repair the damages by making (racist) jokes that no one appreciates.

I heard that Hollywood supposedly is making its own version for the US. Why? Why? Why?

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