"Two states in EU ease sales of songs over Internet"

Look at the heading above (blogged by Joi). "Two states in EU"... For me, it is a historical heading. It is the first time I see a blog heading (together with a news heading from IHT I read before) reporting a trivial affair concerning different EU states as a partial EU matter. Even though the context is something that is not regulated by EU in today's legislation.

In the world, Swedes are Swedes, but Swedes are defined by non-Swedes. I believe that the same reasoning works regarding the EU.

I believe that the world will come to look upon Europe (EU) in the same way we look upon the US today. As a Swede, I used to wonder about the logic why people were allowed to get driver's licences at different ages in different US states. I also thought is was kind of weird that Colorado pretty much allowed citizens to shoot burglars to death (a law that reminds us that important legislation still is controlled by states in the US).

Is this idea of Europe as a "larger whole" good? I think so. I think that an increased "togetherness" will help Europe to evolve into a happier and stronger continent. If two states decide different rules for their citizens, there will naturally be quarrels. If the rules are the same, there will be harmony.

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