Your Majesties

"Your Majesties, My ladies and gentlemen..." That was the beginning of the captatin's announcement on my flight to Kalmar today. Apparently the Swedish king and queen had decided to go back to their Swedish summer retreat on Ă–land since the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend.

It was kind of impossible to get to the front of the cabin during the flight. I don't think anyone even dared to try, since a team of slightly less than ten bodyguards/people with earpieces were travelling just behind them.

Our Majesties and all the guards got off the plane first, of course. When the whole plane with nearly a hundred people got out, we walked up to the airport building (Kalmar airport is very small, and doesn't have any gates). The king and queen sat alone in their car and waited for the bodyguards to get ready in their cars, but only ten meters from the walkway.

There was not one single person of the rest of us that didn't turn their heads and look at our royalties. They looked rather trapped in the car, not happy, and I can't say I envy them.

PS. I flew back with the same plane twenty minutes later, and one son richer. He had had a wonderful time with his grandma while I and Maja went up north. Will update my Flickr soon.

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