Team Rynkeby Day 3: The rain that never came

This morning was weird. It began with me biking around in Vaxholm carrying some kind of meeting protocol that I had to sign on each and every page. For no particular reason I stopped in front of a house and started the signing job using someone's mailbox as a small desk. A woman came out from the house and looked strangely at me. Since I really didn't know what to do, I slipped a few sheets into her mailbox.

Suddenly the alarm woke me up and saved me from this really embarrassing situation. A new day with 190 kilometers laid ahead of us, and I started my "usual" painkiller gel/sunscreen/rehydration tablet routine. Our great hotel had an as great breakfast, and before we knew it we were off.

We were prepared for a cloudy, pretty windy and somewhat rainy day. It turned out to be nothing more than an almost perfect balance of cloudy and sunny moments, and a really fantastic bike ride. I think that most of haven't had a nicer and more relaxed 190 kilometer trip. Apart from the fact that Colin managed to flatten his tires three times (!) in a few hours, and apart from a few minor accidents, this was a really, really good day.

For my part, I managed to temporarily lose the screw-bolt-thingy that goes in to the crank - I lost another one yesterday. I broke off from the team and managed to find it a few hundred meters back in the middle of the road.

Tomorrow we'll have close to 180 kilometers to go, see you then!

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