Team Rynkeby day 5: The rain that never came #2

First of all. It is insanely late (by our standards). Our close to 230 kilometers long ride took a bit longer than anticipated, and we arrived at our hotel here in Aachen just past 9 pm. We were blessed with nice weather and not a drop rain. I'll be very brief.

The pizza saved us. Thank you so much, service team. You knew when we needed it the most. Of course the pizza slices were topped off with the Arla Keso cottage cheese that we get every day, for every break, since Arla is our sponsor, and Keso makes you strong. We really love Arla and Keso :)

We had our worst wipeouts so far with a total of eight people involved. Luckily no one was badly injured. Basically only scratches and bruises. We're doing our best to make sure that those were the last crashes for this years trip.

I am sharing room with the greatest guy in the team, Staffan. Great as in - you know - a great pal, but also great as in the tallest and the most muscular of us all. Today we got a room with one 140 cm wide bed. Smaller than a queen size bed. Yup.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to something around 180 kilometers, including the great Mur de huy. I really hope that we get to the hotel earlier than we did today.

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